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HPE Discontinues Public Cloud Platform For Microsoft Partnership

Hewlett Packard Discontinues Helion To Offer Azure

Wow!  What an interesting business decision for HP’s public cloud platform business.  When I saw this, I just had to dig deeper to get the full scoop.  I had already seen a previous article on this new relationship between HP and Microsoft.  At first I was stunned.  Why would HP drop its own public cloud platform to offer a competitors?  Then I remembered all the years of partnership between the two companies in the past.  So what do we think will come out of this particular venture? Most analysts are saying that this move will open doors for providers to operate more in the hybrid cloud space.  It’s strange to me that hybrid cloud has been labeled as weak in the cloud space...

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Booz Allen Hamilton Uses Office 365, SharePoint – YouTube

Cloud Network Server

Office 365 And SharePoint Online Selected For Booz Allen Hamilton Company Intranet

I was really surprised when watching this video.  Booz never came across to me as a people focused kind of company.  However, you’ll see how Office 365 and SharePoint Online have helped them to increase productivity within the company’s work style.  Many employees are remote and need to be able to access company resources quickly and seamlessly.  Using the Office 365 and SharePoint platform has enable them to do just that.  The document co-authoring features have been one of the biggest benefits of moving to Office 365.  With so many of their workforce being at client sites or working from home, being able to collaborate on documents was absolutely crucial...

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Disaster Recovery Options For Your Business – YouTube


Fully Utilize vCloud Air As Part Of Your Disaster Recovery Options

Check out this great tutorial series on the VMware TV YouTube channel.  David Hill is the Senior Technical Marketing Architect for vCloud Air and he hosts the seven part series on vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.  Each of the tutorial segments is a little under 10 minutes and is a very informative series on disaster recovery options available to you as you plan out your DR plan.  The introduction segment sets up the series with a very specific use case scenario detailing the use of vCloud Air as a DR option.  I have created a playlist with all of the segments in one place.  Just use the YouTube playlist icon in the top left-hand corner of the player to switch videos.  Take the plunge and don’t forget to leave your comments...

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See What’s New In Microsoft Office 365 – YouTube

Microsoft Office 365

Are You Using The Latest Microsoft Office 365?

With Office 365, you choose your own path to becoming a modern business.  Microsoft offers flexible, complete, and trusted solutions.  Your business will have a range of opportunities to reduce costs.  By embracing the cloud, you open doors to use powerful business-ready tools across all your devices.  Office 365 is everything you need to get your job done is in front of you and accessible from anywhere.  And because it’s Microsoft, you gain peace of mind knowing that everything works together seamlessly.  Additionally, you’ll get the security you need to protect your business.  For more information on what’s happening with Microsoft Office 365 give us a shout.  You can also check out their informative YouTube Channel.

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Running Your Business From The Cloud – Google+

Are You Running Your Business From Anywhere?

If I ever were impressed with a blog post, this is one them.  This article from Annie Pilon at Small Business Trends is a real winner.  She really takes a holistic approach to this decision making process.  Her article addresses 23 different topics you’ll find useful.  Each topic is short and to the point.  However, she’s also added some ideas that you may not expect to be found in this course of discussion.  If you’re thinking of running your business from the cloud, take some time to view this post.  Don’t forget to leave a comment as well.  You’ll definitely be enlightened in exchange for the time spent.

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Making Work Happen Where You Are

Woman On Her Cell Phone

Teleworking Is So In The Past!

Microsoft’s CEO has set the standard for making work happen more as a part of everyday life, rather than just a place you go to. When I started reading this I immediately thought of teleworking, but how short sighted was that! Nadella reiterated the reality of our connected world when he expressed his thoughts on how we should be working. Check out what he had to say about working.

Microsoft CEO: Work is no longer a place you go to

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella believes that “work is no longer a place you go to,” as the combination of data and machine learning have a profound impact on us as human beings...

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Paraklesys Offers Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work Free Trial at Paraklesys

If you you’ve visited our site, you’ve noticed that we offer various consulting type services.  The services are based on a management, technical or mobile orientation.  The company has provided all of these services in one way or another to our customers.  With such a wide range of services, it has been difficult to find that particular one that we call our specialty.  However, things have changed for our company and we are working on changing our focus with few new services.  Cloud Service offerings have been a vital to our success.  So through our with partnership with Google, we will be offering Google Apps for Work.  This cloud based service is doing quite well, and has much to offer businesses of all sizes...

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Virtualization With VMware vCloud

Learn More About VMware vCloud

This is really a great article! Anyone interested in virtualization will get something out of reading the post.  There are detailed diagrams of vCloud architecture.  You’ll get so much out of the time spent check this entry out.


Check out @vCloud’s Tweet

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The Architecture of a Data Visualization

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Key Performance Indicators and BPM

Success Flow Chart

How KPIs relate to Business Process Management

If you’re looking to find ways to improve your company’s process execution cycle, you’ll need a good understanding of Key Performance Indicators or what’s also known as KPIs.  These indicators can help to define the disposition of various types of business processes in your company.  Take a look at this tutorial on the PMNsoft website.  This information will help give you a better understanding of how key performance indicators relate to business process improvement.  If you are looking to improve your company’s customer service, contact Paraklesys sales so we can assist you with developing and executing a plan.  Let us know what your needs are so we can provide the insight you need to achieve your goals.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators...

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