HPE Discontinues Public Cloud Platform For Microsoft Partnership

Hewlett Packard Discontinues Helion To Offer Azure

Wow!  What an interesting business decision for HP's public cloud platform business.  When I saw this, I just had to dig deeper to get the full scoop.  I had already seen a previous article on this new relationship between HP and Microsoft.  At first I was stunned.  Why would HP drop its own public cloud platform to offer a competitors?  Then I remembered all the years of partnership between the two companies in the past.  So what do we think will come out of this particular venture? Most analysts are saying that this move will open doors for providers to operate more in the hybrid cloud space.  It's strange to me that hybrid cloud has been labeled as weak in the cloud space.  I remember going to vendor sponsored seminars on cloud computing four years back where public, private and hybrid cloud we featured.  Has hybrid cloud really not been taking off?  Could HP dropping its public cloud platform really change the face of cloud services completion?  What do you think about this new relationship?  Let me hear from you.


Its public cloud soon gone, HP aligns with Microsoft Azure

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has partnered with Microsoft to offer its Azure cloud services to customers, filling a gap when HPE closes its own public cloud early next year. Microsoft will be a "preferred" public cloud partner to HPE, and HPE will become a "preferred provider" of Microsoft Azure services, CEO Meg Whitman said on HP's quarterly earnings call Tuesday.

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