Welcome to Paraklesys!

Paraklesys was extablished to provide IT and Management consulting to companies that want to excel in the marketplace. That’s the reason, in most cases, companies are formed — to provide customers with the best possible products and services. Passion was translated into an effort designed to benefit an industry or community. It's for that reason, the vision that companies could be empowered to reach their goals through the use of technology, is what our company is all about. This is the very meaning of our name Paraklesys, was derived from the Greek word paraklesis meaning “imploration, solace, comfort, consolation, exhortation, or entreaty." It is the work of our company to reveal technology in action to the benefit of the companies that we do business with. Our IT consulting services provide customers with the computer technology solutions they need. In addition, we have also focused on offering Management consulting for those companies seeking to better their a process, management, or team building activities.

How We Make You Shine