Amazon Web Services

Public Cloud Solution - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS cloud solutions are a robust cloud platform that benefit all types of business.  There is virtually no business purpose where the use of AWS wouldn't be a value added.  Their product stack includes cloud based compute, storage, database, network, management and many other services.  The AWS platform has been applied successfully so many use cases.  Paraklesys will work together with your team to create, execute and complete your cloud strategy.  With Amazon Web Services certified knowledge at your disposal, accomplishing a cloud migration will be the least of your concerns.

Security in AWS is founded on many compliance and governance regulations.  And as an added bonus, the service is available in 15 different regions around the globe.  If you're considering a cloud migration, or even just need to know more information about Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), contact us for a chat.  It would be our pleasure to meet with you and your team to hash out whatever is on your mind.


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