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Information About Our Company

Paraklesys began providing IT services in October 2003 through the vision of Darryl Darling, now Principal Consultant. Since then his vision has been nourished by two decades of industry experience with various companies and firms in the private sector and federal government. He even gained valuable knowledge working at the software giant, Microsoft. Through the years, the company has had the opportunity to consult the Department of Defense and acquired invaluable expertise in engineering and administering multi-platform networked solutions in mission-critical environments.  The most important thing the company has learned, is that technical skill alone cannot guarantee success. A company must deploy its experience to motivate and drive the qualities of vision, adaptability, persistence, dedication to excellence and the critical ability to lead others in challenging situations. These are the keys necessary to provide clients with the solutions they need.  Use the contact information below to learn more about us.


What We Do

We provide Cloud Services and IT consulting to companies that want to excel in the marketplace. It is our passion to provide customers with the best possible products and services.  To translate our efforts into a benefit for your company, an industry, or the community is what we’re all about.  Companies should be empowered to reach their goals through the use of technology.  That’s what our company is striving to accomplish. This is the very meaning of our name Paraklesys.  It comes from the Greek word paraklesis, meaning “imploration, solace, comfort, or entreaty.” It is our work to reveal technology in action to the benefit of the companies that we do business with.  Our IT consulting services provide customers with the technology solutions they need.


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Phone: +1 (703) 340-8705
Fax: +1 (703) 659-1313
E-mail: info@paraklesys.com
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