Utilizing the Amazon Web Services API

Amazon Web Services API - Easier To Use Than Expected

I found that many readers want to acquire information on PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings.  Admittedly, I too want to get the inside scoop.  While grovelling for info on Amazon Web Services, I ran into Michael Wittag's article on Cloud Zone about using the AWS API to get things done.  This article was very straight forward and to the point.  It was an informative post as well.  It outlines four tools used to perform functions on AWS:  Web Management Console, Command Line Interface (CLI), Software Development Kits (SDKs), and Blueprints.  The Web Management Console is usually the first tool any AWS customer will work with.  The tool is very easy to use.  However, I feel that you'll need to have a solid knowledge of datacenter concepts before you dive in.  Moving to the command line would be a normal progressing if you wanted to start automating tasks in your AWS environment.  With automation comes different methods to accomplish your tasks.  Software Development Kits will provide the avenue for creating scripts.  You would be surprised how many different software SDKs you can actually use to interact with the Amazon Web Services API.  Michael lists nine different supported SDKs that developers and administrators can use.  Lastly Blueprints can also be used to manage your environment or multiple environments.  Now here is where the excitement begins.  With Blueprints, you can automate the creation of systems, services and infrastructure in the cloud.  AWS also has Blueprints to help you with learning more about and using Lambda.  Check out the article and comment with your thoughts.  Also don't overlook the additional resources at the end of this post.


Interacting With AWS to Turn System Diagrams Into Reality - DZone Cloud

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