Cloud Security – A Practical Approach

Don't Misinterpret the Meaning of Cloud Security

With the increasing adoption of Cloud Services, many businesses are attempting to better understand what the benefits really are.  A major reason many businesses are not moving to the use of cloud services revolves around security.  Just what exactly is going on in the puff-puff world?  David Hunt presents a very practical approach to what cloud security is all about.  He outlines some basic ideas that expose how to create a secure cloud environment.  His article outlines three things to focus on that can really shore up your security - Compromised Credentials, Loss of Access to Data, and New and Stealthy forms of Malware.  As I see it, these are very basic and easy to review.  Taking a more in-depth approach to your policy and response to issues up front, can make for a more secure cloud environment.  Don't get me wrong, you can't take this as the end all, but by truly focusing on how you will address each one, opens the door to a more complete understanding of what's real with cloud security.


A Look at Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

Based on a recent survey of over 1000 IT professionals from Evolve IP, half of all IT leaders and administrators, believe that the public cloud is less secure than on-premise hosting. While concerns over cybersecurity vulnerabilities particular to the cloud aren't unfounded, the massive move cloudward suggests that, trust them or not, your enterprise will begin using cloud services sooner rather than later.

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