Booz Allen Hamilton Uses Office 365, SharePoint – YouTube

Office 365 And SharePoint Online Selected For Booz Allen Hamilton Company Intranet

I was really surprised when watching this video.  Booz never came across to me as a people focused kind of company.  However, you'll see how Office 365 and SharePoint Online have helped them to increase productivity within the company's work style.  Many employees are remote and need to be able to access company resources quickly and seamlessly.  Using the Office 365 and SharePoint platform has enable them to do just that.  The document co-authoring features have been one of the biggest benefits of moving to Office 365.  With so many of their workforce being at client sites or working from home, being able to collaborate on documents was absolutely crucial.  Check out the Microsoft case study link at the bottom of the page after you watch the video.  Let us know what you think about how Booz Allen Hamilton implemented Office 365.


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