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Paraklesys can assist you with discovering your business processes and applying them to create strategies to better your company.

TQM – Total Quality Management Resources | ASQ

Continuous Improvement with Total Quality Management (TQM) Our Business Process and Goals Strategizing service is designed to assist you with looking at your company from a long term perspective.  If you desire your company to continue past your ability to manage it, what strategies will you put in place to ensure that happens.  More importantly,…
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The new BPM program: A focus on data-driven business outcomes

Business Process Management (BPM) With so much changing in the business environment, especially from a budget perspective, getting things done has become more of a challenge than ever.  Introducing a Business Process Management (BPM) program can make the difference between success and failure.  Christina Torode, Editorial Director at SearchCIO, writes a very useful article for…
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Get Prepared for a Refreshing Change

A Refreshing Change To Your IT Reading I had noticed in past years, that many of the companies I had done business with, had slowly declined in their customer relationships.  It seemed that they would visit less and less, and customer service was slowly deteriorating.  Many of these companies were, in my opinion, the very…
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