Paraklesys Offers Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work Free Trial at Paraklesys

If you you've visited our site, you've noticed that we offer various consulting type services.  The services are based on a management, technical or mobile orientation.  The company has provided all of these services in one way or another to our customers.  With such a wide range of services, it has been difficult to find that particular one that we call our specialty.  However, things have changed for our company and we are working on changing our focus with few new services.  Cloud Service offerings have been a vital to our success.  So through our with partnership with Google, we will be offering Google Apps for Work.  This cloud based service is doing quite well, and has much to offer businesses of all sizes.  It has its own uniqueness and is suited to a company based on the way they work.  We are really excited about this new direction and want to begin by offering a free trial.  Just click on the Google Apps for Work button below to get started.  You can also call or email us as well.


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