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Booz Allen Hamilton Uses Office 365, SharePoint – YouTube

Office 365 And SharePoint Online Selected For Booz Allen Hamilton Company Intranet I was really surprised when watching this video.  Booz never came across to me as a people focused kind of company.  However, you'll see how Office 365 and SharePoint Online have helped them to increase productivity within the company's work style.  Many employees…
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Disaster Recovery Options For Your Business – YouTube

Fully Utilize vCloud Air As Part Of Your Disaster Recovery Options Check out this great tutorial series on the VMware TV YouTube channel.  David Hill is the Senior Technical Marketing Architect for vCloud Air and he hosts the seven part series on vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.  Each of the tutorial segments is a little under…
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See What’s New In Microsoft Office 365 – YouTube

Are You Using The Latest Microsoft Office 365?

With Office 365, you choose your own path to becoming a modern business.  Microsoft offers flexible, complete, and trusted solutions.  Your business will have a range of opportunities to reduce costs.  By embracing the cloud, you open doors to use powerful business-ready tools across all your devices.  Office 365 is everything you need to get your job done is in front of you and accessible from anywhere.  And because it’s Microsoft, you gain peace of mind knowing that everything works together seamlessly.  Additionally, you'll get the security you need to protect your business.  For more information on what's happening with Microsoft Office 365 give us a shout.  You can also check out their informative YouTube Channel.


Running Your Business From The Cloud – Google+

Are You Running Your Business From Anywhere? If I ever were impressed with a blog post, this is one them.  This article from Annie Pilon at Small Business Trends is a real winner.  She really takes a holistic approach to this decision making process.  Her article addresses 23 different topics you'll find useful.  Each topic…
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Why You Should Invest In The Azure Cloud Platform – Google+

Azure Cloud Platform vs Amazon Web Services: How Do They Differ? Looking to get a better handle on cloud platforms?  Check out this Slideshare post to get a run down on differences between Azure and AWS.  You'll learn some specifics about the products and services each has to offer.  The presentation explains the four main…
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How To Manage Your Brand Using Google Apps for Work – Tweet

Managing Brand Assets With Ease! Check out this YouTube video on using Google Apps for Work to easily manage your brand assests from anywhere on any device.  You'll be surprised at just how simple and efficient it can be.     Make managing assets for your brand quick and easy with Google Apps for Work.…
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Why Do We Visualize Data?

Understanding The "Why" of Data Visualization Check out this post from Andy Cotgreave at Computerworld. His post has some very interesting points on what data visualization is all about and how we really use it.  I especially liked the comments on dashboards.  The content will definitely make you rethink the way you evaluate presented data.…
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Making Work Happen Where You Are

Teleworking Is So In The Past! Microsoft's CEO has set the standard for making work happen more as a part of everyday life, rather than just a place you go to. When I started reading this I immediately thought of teleworking, but how short sighted was that! Nadella reiterated the reality of our connected world when…
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Cloud Computing Disruption

Cloud Computing Disruption Trends For The Next 10 Years This is a very good read on the future state of cloud computing by Brain Gracely at Wikibon.  This post includes some very fact filled infographics on the various aspects of the cloud computing industry.  It is definitely well worth the time spent to absorb this…
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Cloud Foundry Now With New Vendor Support

Pivotal Software Updates Cloud Foundry Product with New Vendor Support Cloud Foundry has been updated with support for Spring Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure and even Docker. Check out this on ADT blog post for more information on this new product development.     Cloud Foundry Adds Support for Spring Cloud Services, Azure, .NET and Docker…
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