Severalnines – Configurator for MySQL Cluster

For the past few months I have been working with the MySQL Cluster product.  I have to admit, it's not an easy hill to climb.  When I initially started working to setup a cluster, I associated it with many of the other clustered solutions I had worked with.  However, there were some basic differences that I had to get used to.  MySQL Cluster doesn't use shared storage and it's designed based on three separate node types.  Each of which, could run on a single server.  I had to get used to that.  Once I began to understand those two basic concepts, things went much better.  It's easy to get a cluster of two separate servers up and running, but then comes special considerations for your specific data needs.  I was trying to import a database from a single MySQL instance into the new cluster.  The definite key word here is "trying".  As a result of searching on the Internet for all the different errors I encountered, I found a company call Severalnines.  This company is awesome when it comes to MySQL.  They provide a site they call a "Configurator".  By using this site, I was able to get so much closer to the goal.  I recommend checking this company out, but definitely check out the configurator site if you're just starting to work with MySQL Cluster.  You'll save a lot of time.


Severalnines - Configurator for MySQL Cluster.

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