What You Don’t Know About IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

As many of you know, cloud computing is today’s go-to technology.  The three major categories Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) represent the basic offerings.  Cloud technology has been around for more than 10 years, but there still exists a lack of knowledge in those looking to take advantage of its benefits.  What you don’t know about cloud computing will bar you from laying hold of the future.  Every new tech startup is leveraging the power and freedom of the cloud from the get-go.  There’s a reason for that.  It is the data center platform of today.  IaaS is the foundation of the today’s data center.  Is your business finding ways to take advantage of this?

Cloud Computing Found...

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Azure IoT Suite Connected Factory Now Available

New IoT Offering on Microsoft Azure

Many customers tell us that they want to start with the digital transformation of their assets, for example production lines, as well as their business processes. However, many times they just don’t know where to start or what exactly Industrie 4.0 is all about.  Check out this post on what’s new in IoT on Azure.

Azure IoT Suite connected factory now available

Many customers tell us that they want to start with the digital transformation of their assets, for example production lines, as well as their business processes. However, many times they just don’t know where to start or what exactly Industrie 4.0 is all about.

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Ten Myths of Cloud Computing

Stair Case

Cloud Myths Revealed!

Here are some things you need to know about using the cloud!  Don’t just believe it.  Be sure.  Check out more cloud migration posts on Twitter by clicking on the hashtag below.


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Cloud Migration With A Lean Team

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Make Your Cloud Experience a Good One

Cloud migration… Benefits and Challenges. Have you been working your plan?  Get some keys to the kingdom from this post on Asia Cloud Forum.  Check out the Twitter hashtag as well for more cloud migration posts.

http://buff.ly/2fCJkLr #cloudmigration


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Serverless Technology Drives New IT Operations


The Effect of Serverless Technology on IT Operations

How much have you heard about Serverless Technology?  Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.  Few people have even heard the term let alone know what it means.  Simply put, the concept “focuses on code, not on servers”.  As so eloquently put in Tomasz Janczuk’s post titled “What is serverless”.  You can’t get any more simpler than that.  Some excellent examples to do research on are AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Iron.io just to name a few.  There are others out there, and growing in number everyday.  So what’s the big deal?  Why is this technology or better stated, architecture, making such an impact?  Let me answer that question with an infographic.  I think this one really says it in a way we all can understand...

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Hands-On With EC2 and Microsoft Windows Server – YouTube


Get Some Free Hands-on with EC2 and Server 2012

This video provides some very good information on how to work with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.  It does have a good bit of Amazon propaganda at the beginning, but there is value for those who are unfamiliar with the platform.  You’ll learn about much of the EC2 functionality provided for Windows based products.  There are three videos in the series.  The first gives you an overview of the EC2 service.  The second provides a demo of provisioning a Windows Server using the EC2 platform.  Then the final video offers the viewer the opportunity to get some hands-on with EC2 by deploying a  Windows Server within Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

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Cloud Security – A Practical Approach

Cloud Services Cloud

Don’t Misinterpret the Meaning of Cloud Security

With the increasing adoption of Cloud Services, many businesses are attempting to better understand what the benefits really are.  A major reason many businesses are not moving to the use of cloud services revolves around security.  Just what exactly is going on in the puff-puff world?  David Hunt presents a very practical approach to what cloud security is all about.  He outlines some basic ideas that expose how to create a secure cloud environment.  His article outlines three things to focus on that can really shore up your security – Compromised Credentials, Loss of Access to Data, and New and Stealthy forms of Malware.  As I see it, these are very basic and easy to review...

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Utilizing the Amazon Web Services API

Success Plan

Amazon Web Services API – Easier To Use Than Expected

I found that many readers want to acquire information on PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings.  Admittedly, I too want to get the inside scoop.  While grovelling for info on Amazon Web Services, I ran into Michael Wittag’s article on Cloud Zone about using the AWS API to get things done.  This article was very straight forward and to the point.  It was an informative post as well.  It outlines four tools used to perform functions on AWS:  Web Management Console, Command Line Interface (CLI), Software Development Kits (SDKs), and Blueprints.  The Web Management Console is usually the first tool any AWS customer will work with.  The tool is very easy to use...

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HPE Discontinues Public Cloud Platform For Microsoft Partnership

Hewlett Packard Discontinues Helion To Offer Azure

Wow!  What an interesting business decision for HP’s public cloud platform business.  When I saw this, I just had to dig deeper to get the full scoop.  I had already seen a previous article on this new relationship between HP and Microsoft.  At first I was stunned.  Why would HP drop its own public cloud platform to offer a competitors?  Then I remembered all the years of partnership between the two companies in the past.  So what do we think will come out of this particular venture? Most analysts are saying that this move will open doors for providers to operate more in the hybrid cloud space.  It’s strange to me that hybrid cloud has been labeled as weak in the cloud space...

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Google Cloud Platform Prices Reduced Up To 30 Percent

Google Cloud Platform

Preemptible Virtual Machine Instances Provide Reduced Google Cloud Platform Prices

There’s an interesting new development in Google Cloud Platform prices that I think is worthy of review.  I’ve always felt that cloud computing prices should be lower.  The technology has been around long enough for many providers to have recouped their upfront deployment costs.  Cloud companies can now begin to pass on cost savings to their customers as the next generation of IT begins to pick up additional momentum.  Also, the level of service provider maturity is bringing about new and more robust offerings.  This in turn continues the technology road map for those companies who have been early adopters.  Check out the additional resources provided below...

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